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Suspension & Reinstatement
If your license has been suspended for legal reasons, you can take this course and pay the associated fees to get your driver's license back. If you are under 21 years of age and have received just one moving violation that resulted in 4 or more points being added to your driving record, you will might loose your license for a six month period. Completion of this class is required to get license reinstated. 

Ticket Dismissal 
Many judges in the state of Georgia will dismiss a ticket for a moving violation if the offender completes the 6 hour defensive driving course.  If approved by a judge, the dismissed ticket will not reflect on the driver’s record with the state.  If the ticket is not dismissed, the court may allow an offender to complete the course for a reduction of 20% and no points on the driver’s license record.

Insurance Premium Discount 
Certain insurance companies, by law,  allow its clients who have good driving records to receive 10% - 15% discount for up to 3 years on their yearly Insurance Premium if they complete a Defensive Driving Course. Please check with your insurance provider to make sure you qualify for the discount.

Point Reduction 
Georgia allows residents to remove points from their driving record once every 5 years. Georgia allows up to 7 points to be removed from your driving record once you submit your original Certificate of completion to the Department Of Driver Services. The actual offense will remain on the report but the points from that offense will be removed after you turn in all the appropriate paperwork.Court Ordered If you have received a traffic ticket, speeding ticket or another citation in Georgia, some courts may require you to attend a Defensive you and turn in to the court.  If you take a class before court, the courts might not turn in points to Driver Services.  This is a great help for most drivers because points do not accumulate.

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Defensive Driving

The defensive driving course is designed to teach Georgia drivers how to drive safely and responsibly by reviewing the basic rules of the road, while covering many important Georgia highway & safety laws.  Per Georgia law, all State defensive driving classes are given in-person by a professional instructor and take a total of 6 hours. The 6 Hour Program is offered in a 1 day class or in 2 evening classes. One day classes are on Saturdays from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm. The evening classes are 2 nights usually a Wednesday and Thursday from 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm. Cost for the class is $95.00 for all reasons other than Insurance Reduction. If you are taking the class for insurance purposes only, the cost is $35.00.  

GA Certification #804.

Reasons to Take a Defensive Driving Class: