Couseling/ Treatment 

Counseling consists of attendance and participation in the type of program recommended by your Clinical Evaluator. Level 1 Treatment is a short term treatment usually between 6-12 weeks. Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities recommends that multiple offenders (those with more than 1 DUI in 10 years) have at least 3 hours of treatment each week and MUST participate in treatment for a MINIMUM of 120 days (17 consecutive weeks.) 

After enrollment in treatment, and when the client is successfully engaged in the treatment process, the multiple DUI offenders who are eligible for a restricted driver’s license (aka work permit) will receive a Verification of Treatment Enrollment Form. If the client who was issued a Treatment Enrollment form drops out of treatment, or is dismissed from treatment, a Withdrawal / Dismissal letter will formally document dismissal from treatment.  

A copy of the letter will be forwarded from DBHDD to the Department of Drivers Services (DDS).  In the event the client has been issued a temporary driving permit, the permit may be revoked by DDS.

Clients attend weekly group sessions. Education focuses on relapse prevention, recovery, self-knowledge, and support group involvement. All substance abuse groups are open-ended, meaning that new clients can enter an ongoing group at any time. Each group session will usually have new clients as well as some finishing the program.  When the client has completed all treatment and program requirements, the client will be issued either a letter confirming completion or a Treatment Completion Certificate.

We understand that change is hard. And we know that people want to be happy, successful and feel good about themselves. We know that education and information is not enough to create change for most people.  That's why we do it differently. We work by building the person up, instead of tearing them down.   We believe life does a good job of tearing us down.  Our treatment gives the tools needed to increase self-esteem and strengthen determination so the client can stay on track more easily and care less about drugs or alcohol.

Studies show that people who have a problem with alcohol or drugs relapse several times before they succeed. Each time a person tries, but fails, they become more discouraged and soon they come to believe that they are weak or that they can't accomplish their goal. Don't let that happen to you! We have counseling every Monday evening from 6:00pm - 9:00pm. The cost is $50.00 a session.  We also do treatment in Carrollton on Sunday afternoons.

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