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Clinical Evaluations

Per the State of Georgia, after July 1, 2009, all DUI offenders are required to have a clinical alcohol evaluation and complete substance abuse counseling, if recommended, as a standard condition of probation, unless waived by the judge. DUI offenders receiving a second DUI within a five year period before June 30, 2008 are required as a condition of license reinstatement to receive a clinical alcohol assessment.  If indicated by the assessment, the DUI offender is also required to complete a substance abuse treatment program. 

The purpose of the clinical substance abuse evaluation is to determine whether one could benefit from inpatient, outpatient or group psychotherapy to treat a substance abuse issue. Clients are not referred to treatment if it is not warranted or ordered. The Clinical Evaluation is conducted by a Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) approved licensed or certified professional who is certified in the field of addiction.

After initial evaluation, if a person is determined to have a substance abuse problem, the Clinical Evaluator will recommend treatment. Treatment will be determined by an appropriate level of care based on the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s Patient Placement Criteria. Next, the individual will select an approved counseling service, which may or may not be Tri County Driving. Since the evaluator we use is based in Atlanta and not part of our counseling program, you are guaranteed an unbiased assessment.

We realize the high cost of a DUI so we try to keep our prices as low as possible.  We will treat you with courtesy and we will respect your privacy. The State of Georgia has set a minimum payment of $110.00 for all counselors in the state of Georgia for these types of evaluations. This fee of $110.00 must be cash, due to the fact that the money goes directly to the evaluator and applies only to evaluations done to satisfy the State Of Georgia.

If you need an evaluation for another state the evaluation fee does go up due to the amount of paperwork that must be filed to satisfy the state you are getting the evaluation for. An out of state evaluation can range from $120.00 - $200.00 depending on the state and amount of paperwork needed.

Appointments are made after we receive payment and occur within a few days. We pay the evaluator when he arrives so failure to show up for appointments or failure to cancel in a timely fashion means you have lost your money. We can make appointments over the phone with a credit card.  We do not run the card if you bring the cash  the day of the appointment.   However, if you do not show up we will run your card for $110.00 to cover evaluator and credit card expense.  The evaluator drives from Atlanta and has to be assured he has an appointment.